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Smart Snacks is India’s first food manufacturer which is focused on converting junk food to healthy food.

We have totally eliminated the frying process from some of the most popular and staple Indian Snacks like Samosa, Vada Pav, Burger, Gol Gappe, Matthi, Namakpare, Gurpare, etc.

Die hard fans of these snacks who swear by the fried taste and texture, would find it hard to complain as the experience of these baked versions have transcended it’s traditional version.

The snacks are made in the millennium city – Gurugram and are delivered to customers via leading departmental stores (Le Marche, Needs Gourmet etc) and food delivery apps like Zomato & Food Panda etc.

We have quietly been serving the Delhi NCR region for more than 2 years now and are now on an expansion spree to make more and more people taste and experience the innovative products.

We Are Baked Food Manufacturers

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    Almost Zero oil


    Do you crave for a crunchy and tasty snack every two hours? And are you also concerned about the amount of weight you are putting on or the health hazards of consuming unlimited unhealthy snacks? Then, you are just at the right place. And most of the time, you had to give in to your cravings because there were no healthyoptions available. But now this won’t happen anymore as we have made tasty and healthy snacks that taste better than the oil-loaded snacks. Plus, they will not make you feel guilty later. You've got to try your hand at our zero-oil snacks.

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    We are about Taste


    In theory, anything can be a snack. If you are on a diet and want to avoid fried Indian snacks, we have the solution for you. Just as tasty or even tastier, our Namak Pare, Matthi, Atta Toshe and others will remind you of your grandmother. So if you are on a diet or just health conscious, instead of eating carrot sticks you can enjoy all authentic India munchies that are baked instead of deep fried and retain all the taste without the oil. But these Namak Pare… good Lord. For those of you who worry about compromising taste for health, your search is over.

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    Healthy & Hygenic


    We must remember that unless the good hygiene practices are fully understood and adopted, food may not be safe. We have ensured that hygiene is integrated into everything we do and our products are safe and healthy just as homemade ones. We have included all hygienic practices to ensure that our food is healthy to eat . Our food handlers are legally obliged to comply with the health and hygiene requirements set out in the food safety standards. Our product range is vaccum packed, totally safe from contamination. The company’s products are also free from Palm Oil and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. We will ensure compliance with all relevant food safety programs & legislations.

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    Top of the line ingredients


    We believe that eating healthy food must be a part of the long-term solution to health issues. We envision a future in which healthy food and nutrient security is our priority. Many products are no longer made of actual whole food ingredients. But not in our case. All our snacks are baked instead of being fried. Also we are all aware of the dangers of too much sugar—diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol. We have kept that in mind. Oursweet snack is free from sugar and instead made of healthy ingredients like jaggery, cardamom and dates.


We Are 100% baked food and snacks.

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We are SmartSnacks

Our Clients Say

  • The Kachori and samosa.. both were really good Have forwarded yr msg and number to a few of my friends in the society.
  • Hey the food was delayed but the taste was worth to wait . Thanks for the tasty and healthy Snacks.
    Archana Gupta
      - The Times of India
  • Hi. Thanks for the lovely stuff , we really enjoyed the samosa. We though to have it around four pm but ones nose got the sniff of the baked stuff had it with lunch. Really really enjoyed. Will try rest
    Vibhuti Chadha
      - Punj Lloyd Limited
  • I had always wished Indian snacks in a healthy way. This solves our conflict of interest in trying to be healthy and enjoying the food.
    Chumki Bose
      - Psychologist
  • Just Tried oil free Kachori and Baked Atta Matthi. Amazing taste and is really very delicious. Also nicely priced. Every one must try.
    Anirban Mondal
      - The Times of India.
  • The Kachori was really good.
    Sanjhi Rajgaria
      - Co- Founder Food Cloud
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